Do CallHippo make any refund in case the address proof is invalid or on address verification failure ?

  • Kindly note we do not refund our clients for the rented numbers which have failed address verification. The clients still have to pay the pro-rated rental for the purchased numbers even if the documents fail verification.

  • We expect our clients to be well informed about the requirements and have required documents at their disposal when they buy a number that needs a proof of address or an address.

  • How does the user know this? When you purchase a number which requires address proof, the system always notifies you the restriction when you are purchasing the number. The system prompts you to upload the address proof as soon as the number is bought and sends you an automated email regarding the requirement after the number has been purchased. Plus, the users can always raise a request with CallHippo support to know about the address restriction before purchasing the number.

  • As we already let the client know about the restrictions related to a number, we do not refund the users if the documents fail the verification.